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Welcome to the HLCS Safe Schools/Healthy Students Website!

We are excited to be launching our website in collaboration with all of our community  and school partners.  Additions to this site will be made on a regular basis, beginning in late 2015.

Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS) Grant Summary

The Five Core SS/HS Elements and a few things that SS/HS is doing at HLCS:

    1.  Promoting Early Childhood Social and Emotional Learning and Development.

Through the SS/HS Grant, relationships have been established between Houghton Lake Community Schools and the Early Head Start, Head Start Program, as well as the Great Start Readiness Programs (GSRP) in the Houghton Lake area.  That relationship with our Pre-K partners centers around a collaboration with COOR ISD.  COOR ISD is the organizational structure that supports nearly every aspect of all Pre-K programs within COOR’s four-county ISD.  COOR ISD, SS/HS, and many other partners are now working together to coordinate social, emotional, behavioral, and academic programs to create consistency across all COOR ISD Pre-K programs.  This effort includes implementing one, universally used data collection system, "Illuminate" data system.  Illuminate will be used from Pre-K through high school at all COOR ISD districts and schools.  By utilizing the same data system, information about student learning and pertinent educational information is more easily shared with the appropriate staff members wherever a student goes to school within COOR ISD.  SS/HS is providing funding for the implementation and training of all Pre-K through 12th grade staff at HLCS in fully utilizing the Illuminate data system!


    2.  Promoting Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health.

SS/HS at HLCS provided funding for two K-12 staff people to be trained to be trainers in “Youth Mental Health First Aid” and "Trauma Informed Care".  Beginning in August 2015, all Pre-K through high school staff at HLCS have been offered several 8-hour training sessions to become certified in both YMHFA and Trauma Informed Care.    In addition, we are now tracking the number of K-12 students who receive mental health cservices in our schools.  The Michigan School-Based Health Center (SBHC) at Houghton Lake High School is considered part of our school-based services, even though they are a totally separate entity.  This is due to the fact that they are physically located within the high school.  HLCS collaborates with the SBHC to provide the best possible mental health services for our students.  SS/HS has also  provided an additional K-12 mental health provider since May of 2015.  HLCS social workers, occupational therapists, and counselors worked with the SBHC Northern Lakes Community Mental Health (NLCMH), Catholic Human Services, and SS/HS to create a mental health referral form that is now being used when any student is referred to any outside agency when more intensive mental health services are appropriate.  This form also includes an easy communication back to Houghton Lake Community Schools (HLCS) stating whether students have been seen for counseling.  In March of 2015, using 100% SS/HS funds, HLCS hired a full-time mental health professional to enhance services to all K-12 students.


    3.  Connecting youth, families, schools, and communities.

We are successfully creating partnerships between HLCS staff and administration with local agencies through the work of our CMT and subcommittees.  Ultimately, we would like to make individual schools and HLCS as a whole, more of a central hub of the Houghton Lake community.  This begins with the SS/HS website.  One of the functions of the website is to post contact information for and services provide by our various agency partners, as well as some of the interesting things happening in the Houghton Lake area.  We would also like to create a Community School Model on a smaller scale. 
SS/HS is also funding a half-time marketing coordinator for the district with the intent to promote HLCS and invite parents and the overall community to become actively engaged in the direction of Houghton Lake Community Schools. 


    4.  Preventing Behavioral Health Problems (Substance Use, STD’s, Unplanned Pregnancy, Truancy, Drop-Out Rates, Depression, & Suicide).

SS/HS has assisted Catholic Human Services and the SBHC in presenting Botvin’s Life Skills Training and Prime For Life prevention programming within sixth through eighth graders at HLMS and HLHS during the 2014/2015 school year. 
Students Leading Students (SLS) at HLHS and SS/HS have collaborated on selecting new programs to educate students and reduce the instance of bullying, as well as the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances.  These efforts are intended to not only educate students on the inherent risks of engaging in high-risk behavior but also to empower students with the skills to resist outside pressure to engage in at-risk behaviors.
SS/HS has collaborated with MSU Outreach of Roscommon to provide multiple offerings of the  "Darkness to Light" workshop to educate HLCS staff and community members on how to identify signs of possible sexual abuse in children and how to effectively report this to authorities for further investigation.


    5.  Increase feelings of both psychological and physical safety, with respect to engaging in Pre-K through 12th Grade school activities on the HLCS Campus.

On June 21st 2014 SS/HS at HLCS assisted in coordinating an Active School Shooter/Major Violent Incident Response (AVI) Drill at HLCS with Roscommon County Emergency Services (Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire Departments).  The purpose of this drill was to assist everyone involved to better coordinate their response for improved management of such an incident.  A second AVI drill is being planned for 2017 at HLCS.
HLCS and SS/HS at HLCS collaborated to successfully write a grant application for what is intended to be the cornerstone of our K-12 school culture and climate transformation efforts.  In April of 2015 HLCS was awarded the Promoting Positive School Climate (PPSC)  Initiative.  This initiative covers all costs associated with the training of the entire K-12 staff in Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  To insure that the planning, training, and implementation of PBIS is as seamless as possible, HLCS has also employed a full-time Multi-Tiered System of Supports Implementation Specialist.  As with the mental health professional, this individual was hired through SS/HS at HLCS, using 100% SS/HS funds. Training of staff and planning for PBIS implementation began in April of 2015 and PBIS is now fully implemented in all 4 HLCS buildings.  The goal of PBIS is to markedly reduce inappropriate and disruptive behavior from Pre-K through 12th grade at HLCS.  The PPSC also includes an academic enhancement component that was kicked off as a pilot program at some district locations in the fall of 2016. 
As part of our MTSS support system, "Restorative Practices" certification has been offered on multiple occasions for our K-12 staff.  SS/HS is funding a half-time employee to oversee the implementation of Restorative Practices and Restorative Circles at HLCS.

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